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Improving The Students’ Writing Skill Through Cooperative Integrated Reading And Composition Method

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Skripsi: Improving The Students’ Writing Skill Through Cooperative Integrated    Reading And Composition Method

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Language is very important in human society because with language people can communication with others. Now English has become international language used for communication in most activities and field in the world. English had became a global language, used in communication, education, technical, scientific information and technology. English is thought in four skills, namely: writing, reading, speaking, and listening.
In these sense the researcher will be focus in writing. Writing is the most difficult skill to enquire. Composition is not always coherent and they are confounded with the procedure to organize their idea and lack of vocabulary and have difficult, define, explain, and paraphrased their idea.
There are many factors the students cannot achieve it would. The first are teaching of writing had been part of duty of non-professional teachers who more emphasize thing (grammar based) during learning writing in classroom than practical thing. Stated “their focus is one sentence and paragraph structures, this level impression that writing about applying rules rather than communicating idea,” in develop country the teacher ask their students has portfolio, so that the teachers can see the development of their students’ writing.
 The second teacher did not tell students more about the benefits writing, so that they did not have a good motivation to write. They think that writing assessment is a burden without significant aim for them, where as they can improve their vocabulary, knowledge, grammar and the most crucial thing that can be a skill for the future through writing.
The teacher that seldom asks their students to make a paragraph or an essay, moreover, it is difficult between reading and writing class because the writing teachers generally focus on spelling and word information than how to write effective. In do not facilitate students pract
ice writing by using the process of writing such as prewriting, drafting, and revising.
The last, teachers seem dominating write classroom activities. Mudjiono et all    (2000:198) tell that teacher still minimalist the students’ participation in the classroom, teachers dominating causes the students only wait for teachers to tell them rather then seek and found knowledge and skill that they need. This sometimes makes them boring and a negative attitude to ward it. Negative attitude has significance to their writing achievement. The students’ need professional teachers who can handle writing class well in order to interest students.
Based on the information from an English teacher and also the researcher had observer that the result of about the achievement especially in writing English at SMP Muhammadiyah 1 Makassa. That the student in writing English are still low where student value average still got score 5.5 while the standard writing in curriculum is 6.5 because the students still lack in used writing correct grammatical and acceptable interaction in this study, the research wants to solve this problem until the students have good score and achieve the score 7 and as target in writing English.

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